Unmanned Systems

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Welcome to the Unmanned Systems (UMS) homepage; your source for all things “remotely” related to aerial, ground and maritime operations.  This page serves as a hub for the UMS pathways, providing students with the knowledge and skills to be professional remote pilots and small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) technicians.  

Unmanned Systems academic offerings are designed to meet the needs of local, regional and nationally growing industries.  We are currently offering a variety of courses that lead to credentials in Mechatronics and UAS Remote Pilot certification.

Degrees and Certificates

Students may pursue certificates and a degree from Big Bend Community College.  These credentials can be used by future entrepreneurs or in a graduate’s current profession to enhance their value within their occupation in agriculture, law enforcement, sales/advertising, modern manufacturing and many other public and private sector careers.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technical Management Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree (90 credits)

Mechatronics Certificate of Achievement (49 credits)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Remote Pilot Certificate of Accomplishment

  • Take six key courses that provide you the professional knowledge and skills to use sUAS commercially
  • Each quarter has a required course plus the option to choose from 1-3 additional GIS or UMS courses

UAS Remote Pilot Certificate

Remote Pilot Certificate

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