Prerequisites and Nursing Courses

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The following links outline the prerequisites and co-requisites required to enter the nursing program, as well as the timeline for all nursing courses.


Nursing Prerequisites Support Courses Advising Sheet

During the selection process, points will be awarded for the following:

  • GPA
  • NA-C (Washington state). 
  • Prerequisite and co-requisite courses completed or in progress
  • Scores on TEAS test (must be the most recent version TEAS test)
  • Current nursing assistant work experience utilizing nursing assistant skills

To schedule for TEAS testing please contact testing coordinator Kristin Young at the BBCC testing center 509.793.2064 or toll free at 1.877.745.1212

Please contact the Health Education Department at 509.793.2137 or via email to  for all other questions.

Note:  Applicants who have not completed English Composition and/or Math courses must take a placement test. They are offered at Big Bend Community College on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Call 509.793.2064 for information and an appointment. There is a $10.00 fee for each test. You may also test at a college near you and have the results sent to Big Bend. Please call the Nursing Program Director for questions/clarification.

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