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End of Nursing Program Learning Outcomes

1. Communicate effectively to deliver relevant, accurate and complete information to patients, families, and the healthcare team
2. Deliver safe and effective physical, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual care to the whole person in a variety of settings
3. Plan, initiate, and evaluate patient teaching including assessment of current knowledge, use of appropriate materials and techniques
4. Demonstrate clinical decision-making from a theoretical knowledge base utilizing the nursing process to develop patient care plans that ensure safe, effective care in a variety of settings
5. Assume responsibility and accountability in the practice of registered nursing as defined by the professional standards and codes of nursing
6. Participate as a member of the healthcare team for educational and institutional growth
7. Students will be able to reason mathematically using methods appropriate to the profession

Nursing Program Outcomes

Nursing Assistant Certificate Outcomes

1. Demonstrate age appropriate interpersonal communication skills
2. Perform patient care skills related to hygiene, nutrition, positioning, mobility, and safety according to Washington State standards for Nursing Assistants
3. Accurately document patient care findings
4. Verbalize appropriate interventions related to care of cognitively impaired patients
5. Demonstrates knowledge of the laws and regulations which affect his/her practice


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