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Simulation Technology Program – Associate of Applied Science Degree

Simulation in healthcare is an exciting field that provides a simulated environment with the used of high-fidelity manikins that breath, blink, talk, bleed, and sweat. Many medical procedures can be performed on the realistic manikins in real time to simulate the real-life experience of patient care.

The Medical Simulation Associate in Applied Science degree prepares students for entry-level employment in simulation centers and laboratories. Simulations are beneficial to all levels of healthcare providers, first responders, and military personnel.

To meet the growing need for training simulation professionals, the Simulation Technology program will develop students who can implement simulation scenarios, conduct manikin programming, establish maintenance standards, develop interpersonal relationships, and promote community engagement. Upon completion of the Medical Simulation Associate in Applied Science degree, students are prepared to take industry certification exams validating their skills.

Did you know?
Many previous college credits may transfer to BBCC
The certificate program is a fast-track program to get students out into jobs as early as 6 months after starting.
Online course provides accessibility for long-distance learners.
Course labs are 1 weekend a quarter.
Students can pursue rewarding careers in healthcare and education upon completion.
BBCC is the first to offer a Medical Simulation degree in Washington state.
Tuition is affordable
Our program offers excellent preparation for Certification exams
Certificates available:
Medical Simulation Operators Certificate
  • Flexible certificate- 14-19 credits
  • 5-6 courses
  • Introduction to simulation in healthcare
    • Programming
    • Scenario implementation
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Moulage
  • May be completed in as few as 2 quarters
Simulation Educator Certificate
  • 18 credits
  • 6 courses
  • Requires an Associate’s Degree or higher in order to complete this stand-alone certificate
  • Designed for those currently working with simulation and healthcare
  • Includes medical simulation operators courses
  • Includes debriefing course designed for educators
SimTech Team

dana borschowa

Dana Borschowa
Simulation Technology Coordinator
Office 1703
Phone: 509.793.2125

Kailey Gakin
Part-time Instructor

Tiffany Zyniewicz
Part-time Instructor

Tabatha DeLong
Part-time Instructor



Andrea Elliot
Part-time Instructor

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