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Big Bend Community College Medical Assistant

Erica Martinez

Erica Martinez

Erica Martinez

“The Big Bend Medical Assistant Program has given me an opportunity to prepare myself for a career not just a job.

The program has helped me achieve great clinical skills that will help me assist physicians with excellent patient care.

Being a wife and mother of three children, Big Bend has given me the opportunity to participate in the Medical Assistant Program with a schedule that fit’s my lifestyle. I feel that the program is a great success and would recommend it to other students.”

– Erica Martinez –



“The Big Bend Medical Assistant program has prepared me to be a successful Medical Assistant.  Through the program I was able to learn and practice my clinical skills, which prepared me for the externship and being in a real clinical setting.

The flexibility of online, evening, and weekend classes offered with the Big Bend Medical Assistant Program allowed me still spend time with my family and work full time. I believe that the program educates and prepares students for a successful and fulfilling career.  I would strongly recommend the program to any student who has a dream of working in the healthcare field.”

– Catherine Countryman –

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