What is I-BEST? Medical Assistant

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Big Bend Community College Medical Assistant

The Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training (I-BEST) program at Big Bend Community College provides educational access and support to help students

  • Develop job skills for their chosen career
  • Start on a career pathway leading to higher wages and better jobs
  • Increase English and math skills


In the I-BEST Medical Assistant classroom, there are two instructors in the classroom.  One instructor teaches the professional-technical content of medical assisting, and the other instructor supports the development of English and math skills in the context of the profession.  At any time, students can receive support in improving their study skills, developing note taking skills, or gaining basic math and English skills—while they are training in their chosen profession.   Together, the instructors build a classroom environment that provides maximum support for student success.  Students are able to learn faster and go further.  The I-BEST model helps students transition from basic skills or a GED class into other programs on campus. And it works!

IBEST students are more likely to stay and succeed in their programs.  They are 5X more likely to earn college credit than regular basic skills students. And all I-BEST programs are eligible for Opportunity Grant funding!


For more information about I-BEST, call Tyler Wallace at 509-793-2305 or email at tylerw@bigbend.edu.

To find out how to pay for your education, call the Financial Aid office in the 1400 building on campus.

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