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Big Bend Community College Medical Assistant

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Our Program Mission

Here at the Big Bend Community College Medical Assistant program, we strive for excellence and are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive the proper training that provides an adequate skill set that is essential for entry-level medical assistants. Our primary goal is to foster and facilitate the development of medical assistants who are prepared to provide quality patient care in a variety of healthcare settings within a diverse community.

Our instructors and staff provide quality education through challenging our students to develop sound clinical judgment and apply critical thinking in an environment that facilitates educational mobility, fosters personal growth and instills a desire for lifelong learning.

Big Bend Community College prides itself on being in compliance with Washington State’s most current law (Chapter 18.360 RCW) regarding Medical Assistants, preparing students to obtain licensure and certification upon completion.  Students that successfully complete the medical assistant program at BBCC are eligible to take a national certification exam through AMT (American Medical Technologists).  Upon successful completion of the AMT national certification exam, the student will be recognized as an RMA (Registered Medical Assistant).

Letter of Intent

For further information regarding Washington state law and AMT please view the following websites:

Is Medical Assisting for you?

Medical Assistants are trained to work alongside physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in a variety of settings. Students who complete the required medical assistant courses at BBCC will be able to confidently perform a number of duties ranging from medical insurance/billing, phlebotomy, assisting in minor procedures, and so much more!

If you are contemplating a career change or if you simply have the desire to be a part of the healthcare team, medical assisting may be for you. Consider these following questions:

  • Are you highly motivated and interested in a fast-paced profession in healthcare?
  • Are you interested in learning a versatile skill set?
  • Are you looking for a career that prepares you to work effectively alongside physicians and nurses?
  • Are you seeking a career that you can be proud of and continue to grow in?

If you answered yes to these questions then we would love to meet you and discuss how you can begin your journey of becoming a part of Big Bend Community College’s Medical Assistant program.

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Qualities of a Good Medical Assistant – Is this the right profession for you?

The following list defines the core concepts describing the functions and characteristics of a medical assistant, which in turn, becomes the organizing framework for program objectives and evaluations.

  • Genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of patients/enjoys working with people in a healthcare setting
  • Follows directions
  • Adheres to program guidelines
  • Physically able to perform clinical skills such as (but not limited to): typing, lifting and transferring
  • Is able to take direction/correction from an authority figure
  • Deals effectively with stress
  • Self-motivator, confidence, able to multitask
  • Communicates well with others
  • Does not have a felony present on personal record

Physical Requirements to Complete the M.A. Program as well as the Externship

Students enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program need to be aware that the requirements listed below are expected by employers. Therefore, students will be expected to meet the same criteria during class as well as clinical/lab instruction times.

  • Demonstrate good body mechanics; lift/carry a minimum of 25 pounds independently and 50 pounds with assistance.
  • Have normal/corrected vision and hearing within normal range.
  • Demonstrate ability to tolerate intermittent sitting, standing, stooping and walking. Full range of motion is required.
  • Demonstrate good manual and finger dexterity.
  • Demonstrate basic keyboarding and computer skills.
  • Demonstrate ability to differentiate odors and colors in the clinical setting.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills: Must be able to read and write in English. Must be able to communicate verbally in English both in person and on the phone at an ENG&101 level.
  • Demonstrate ability to stand on carpeting, linoleum, or be seated at a standard desk using an office chair for a varying amount of time.
  • Demonstrate ability to work in high-paced facilities that includes effectively dealing with stressful situations, multitasking and quickly changing environments.
  • Demonstrate emotional stability and maturity in various circumstances through interpersonal relationships with staff, patients, and visitors.
  • Demonstrate ability to deliver care across the age spectrum with cultural and ethnic sensitivity.
  • Demonstrate the ability to consistently deliver safe and competent patient care

Students that fail to demonstrate the above listed requirements will not successfully complete the Medical Assistant Program here at BBCC.”


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