Math Sequence

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Math Sequence

Always check with the school you plan to transfer to before deciding which pathway in mathematics to pursue.

BBCC Suggested Pathways:

Math/Science/Engineering Major: Calculus Series (MATH 151/152) and beyond if possible

Nursing Majors: Statistics (MATH 146)

Business Majors: Business Calculus (MATH 146/147/148)

Pre-Calculus: (MATH 141)

Course Notes

All new students are required to take the math placement exam.

Math 098 is equivalent to the parallel pathway.

To meet the perquisite for an MATH course it is required to place by the placement test or pass the final exam from the previous course.

A 2.0 is required in the Math/Science Division for a passing grade.

MATH 163 and MATH 220 are generally taken concurrently.

It is possible to take both Pre-Calculus courses (MATH 141/142) concurrently.

Course Names:

DVS 080: Basic Mathematics

MATH 094: Introduction to Pre-algebra

MATH 097: Beginning Algebra II

MATH 098: Intermediate Algebra I

MATH 099: Intermediate Algebra II

MATH 107: Math in Society

MATH 141/142: Pre-Calculus I/II

MATH 146: Introduction to Statistics

MATH 147: Finite Mathematics

MATH 148: Business Calculus

MATH& 151/152: Calculus I/II

MATH 163: Calculus 3

MATH 220: Linear Algebra

MATH 230: Differential Equations

MATH 271: Multivariable Calculus

Download MATH Flow Chart 2.0 for your Math Pathway.


 Math Flow Chart

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