Japanese Agricultural Training Program (JATP)

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Big Bend Community College International Students

Japanese Agricultural Training Program at Big Bend Community College

History and Objectives of the Program

The Japanese Agricultural Training Program JATP is a work/training educational program for Japanese students to come to the USA.

The Japanese Agricultural Training Program was initially conceived as a means of improving Japan’s agriculture via the transfer of U.S. technology and farming methods.  Today’s JATP represents a continuing effort, not only to improve agriculture in Japan, but also to promote greater understanding between Japan and the United States.  Academic as well as comprehensive on-the-farm training is used to accomplish this.  Additionally, trainee insight into American culture and institutions is developed through participation in host family and community activities.

Initiated in 1966, the JATP is jointly sponsored by the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC) and the Big Bend Community College Foundation.  The JAEC, a non-profit organization in Japan, is subsidized by the Japanese government to operate the JATP in the US, in cooperation with Big Bend Community College Foundation, the sponsoring agency in the US.  Over 4,800 trainees have attended Big Bend Community College (BBCC) as part of the JATP.

BBCC and the JAEC – US Branch provide support and coordination from the Seattle JATP office, such that the trainees as well as host farmers can get the most out the program.

The agreements between the United States and Japan permit the trainees to work while undergoing training.  The Program is self-sustaining, with each trainee’s earnings used to cover his/her expenses for costs associated with his/her stay in the U.S.  Various ministries within the Japanese Government finance administrative costs for the Big Bend Community College Foundation and the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council.

The agreements direct the assistance of the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Service, Department of Homeland Security in implementing these programs.  Services include wage rate determination, coordination of employment activities between Federal and State services, and facilitating visa and passport requirements.  Federal decisions have verified the trainees’ student status, and exempted them from contributions to Social Security Tax and Federal Income Tax.

Becoming a Host Farm Participant

If you are interested in hosting a trainee or for more information about the Japanese Agricultural Training Program, please contact:

The Japanese Agricultural Training Program
P.O. Box 3405
1414 S. Weller St.
Seattle, WA 98144

Telephone: 206-306-7913
Fax: 206-621-0528

Kenneth Schrag
Operations Coordinator
Japanese Agricultural Training Program
Big Bend Community College
206-621-0528 fax

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