Maintenance Mechanics Technology Associate in Applied Science Professional/Technical Program

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Big Bend Community College Maintenance Mechanics Technology

This program was designed by representatives of the local industries and Big Bend Community College to prepare students for entry level employment as industrial maintenance mechanics or to update skills for practicing maintenance employees.

The Industrial Systems Technology ~  Maintenance Mechanics Emphasis program provides foundation in safety, fabrication, welding, refrigeration, machining, power transmission, industrial electricity, fluid power, programmable logic controllers, and instrumentation. Skilled maintenance mechanics routinely install new industrial machinery and systems, maintain and repair equipment, and perform tests on equipment to ensure safe operation. 

Students apply technical knowledge and techniques to install, repair, and maintain industrial equipment such as motors, pumps, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, production machinery, pipeline distribution systems, and automated equipment. Training is offered in:   diagnostic techniques, trouble shooting, use of test instruments, principles of preventive and predictive maintenance, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, refrigeration, electricity, and electronics as they relate to industrial maintenance.  Related instruction includes applied mathematics, blueprint reading, written and oral communication, and human relations.

Interested students must work out courses and schedules with the IST program advisor.

Related instruction required for an Associate of Applied Science degree or Certificate of Achievement

Course Description  
BUS 120 Human Relations on the Job  
CMST 100 Human Communications  
ENGL 109 Applied Technical Writing  
FAD 150 Industrial First Aid  
MAP 103 Applied Mathematics (MMT/IET)  
See advisor for substitute courses  

First Year

Fall Quarter

Course Desrciption Credits
IST 100 Introduction to Industrial Safety and Health 3
IST 102 Technical Drawing Interpretation* 3
MAP 103 Applied Mathematics (MMT/IET)** 5
WLD 111 Wlding Process I* 6

Winter Quarter

Course Desrciption Credits
CMST 100 Human Communications** 4
IST 105 Basic Electricity-DC Circuit Analysis 5
IST 180 Machining I 5
WLD 122 Gas Metal Arc Welding I 3

Spring Quarter

Course Description Credits
IST 106 Basic Electricity-AC Circuit Analysis 5
ENGL 109 Applied Technical Writing** 3
FAD 150 Industrial First Aid 2
IST 182 Machining II 5
WLD 132 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I (TIG) 3

*Tech Prep credit available
**related instruction required for an AAS degree and Certificate of Achievement

Second Year

Fall Quarter

Course Description Credits
BUS 120 Human Relations on the Job** 4
IST 107 Industrial Electricity I 5
IST 130 Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 5
IST 280 Mechanical Power Transmission 5

Winter Quarter

Course Description Credits
IST 170 Introduction to Instrumentation 5
IST 120 Introduction to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance 3
IST 136 Intro to Industrial Boilers 5
  Advisor Approved Elective 4

Spring Quarter

Course Description Credits
IST 150 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers I 5
IST 282 Fluid Power Transmission 5
IST 284 Pump Hydraulics/Mechanics 4
  Optional Elective 2 to 5

^Students can take Work based Learning or elective classes
**Related instruction required for an AAS degree and Certificate of Achievement


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