Maintenance Mechanics Technology

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To watch the Industrial Systems Technology (IST) Program Video with Audio Descriptions, click here.


Technology shapes the world we live in.  Today more than ever, the industrial workplace depends on a highly skilled technician level maintenance staff.  Industrial profits depend on plant “up” time.  Machines are built to do it better, longer, faster, with less human intervention and labor.  Complex controls and machinery require multifaceted, skilled technicians to keep them performing.   Industrial maintenance mechanics have an arsenal of high tech tools designed to monitor, diagnose, and aid maintenance procedures.   The modern maintenance environment is an intricate world of computers, networks, lasers, ultrasonics, electronics, fiber optics, high speed machinery and many of the innovations you may read about in modern science magazines.  Companies embrace new technology as a method to stay profitable in an ever-competitive market place.  Today’s employers seek well-trained, competent  industrial maintenance mechanics that have today’s skills and wish to grow with the technology of the future.   Higher demand and yearly income levels rivaling or exceeding “4 year degree” careers mean opportunity for those men and women who wish to make  Industrial Maintenance  their career choice.

Big Bend Community College offers several industry related programs and training options.   Feel free to contact our Career counselors or program instructors for more information.

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