Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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The Homeland Security Management Program (HSEM) offers an opportunity for students to prepare for careers as emergency management managers and policy leaders, and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to improve outcomes in a wide range of disaster situations.

The program offers an Associate degree option, as well as a HSEM certificate:

 The primarily online program incorporates instruction in policy as well as planning and operational components of emergency manage­ment and homeland security, including opportunities to gain practical experience and work with current incident management technologies. The program addresses competencies required of emergency management pro­fessionals in careers in government, private industry and non-profit sectors. Students explore the complex world of emergency and disaster management issues and learn the critical thinking and decision-making skills necessary to support and supervise comprehensive, integrated, and effective management in the event of natural, system-wide, or human-induced crises. The curriculum provides policy foundations and advances students through core competencies in hazard identification; risk and vulner­ability assessment; planning; terrorism; mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery; and planning for diverse populations. The AAS-T in Homeland Secu­rity Emergency Management degree will develop the students’ competencies to prepare for and respond to all hazard environments, and includes an understanding of socioeconomic and cultural diversity issues.


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