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Big Bend Community College English

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English majors train to be experts in applied creative and critical thinking, as well as written communication. They are in demand as corporate communications directors, marketing directors, and public relations experts. English majors are also highly prized in jobs related to digital content, as content strategists, content marketing managers, and web producers. The analytical problem-solving and writing skills English majors develop prepare them for careers in management, publishing, media, technical and grant writing, finance, Law, the non-profit sector, and even medicine. There are also more traditional careers for English majors, such as college educators and librarians, although these careers often require a graduate degree. Majoring in English also provides an excellent basis for any student wishing to pursue an education degree for K-12 teaching.

Many students who study English decide to focus on creative writing, which can be pursued on a class-by-class basis or, after transferring, as an advanced degree on its own. In addition to producing original narratives and poems, creative writing students tend to study literature for its craft and design, as a model and inspiration for their individual work, and, to a lesser extent, for its critical or theoretical meanings.

English courses are designed to benefit ALL college students, not just those who plan to major in English. Thus, there are a wide variety of class options available for students interested in developing their critical thinking, cultural awareness, and communication skills, while also emphasizing the divergent, innovative, and creative thinking traits that are sought after in many professions. Coursework in English generally focuses on traditional literary forms (poems, short stories, novels, dramas), literary theory, genre fiction, and creative nonfiction as well as the study of film, creative and professional writing, popular culture, and critical reasoning.

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