Distance Learning (eLearning)

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Big Bend Community College Distance Learning

Individuals in the BBCC Service District may encounter obstacles coming to campus. Some of these barriers may include factors such as lack of time, commitments such as work or family, distance from the campus, inclement weather, and the rising cost of fuel. We create and advocate for approaches to learning that take into account the varied needs of distance learners.

We assure distance learners have access to the same expert faculty and quality instruction that students find on campus. Although Big Bend doesn’t currently offer any 100% online degrees, we do what we can to ensure the online options that do exist are top-notch.

All online classes are taught with the Canvas Learning Management System. To learn more, check out our BBCC Canvas Quickstart Guide.

About eLearning

Is eLearning for me?

Are you ready?

  1. If you haven’t already, determine if online learning is a good option for you by taking our assessment quiz.
  2. Enroll at Big Bend Community College.
  3. Search the course schedule for classes you want to take.
    1. In the “Online” search box, select “Online” or “All”. 
    2. Click on the “+” box to the left of each course listing for more information. 
    3. If the course section begins with “OL”, the course is offered online through Canvas.
  4. Register for classes.
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10 thoughts on “Distance Learning (eLearning)
  1. Max Soifer says:

    Hi, I’m Max Soifer, A Junior at UW. I’m wondering if German 103 is offered online over the summer, and if so, how can I enroll?


  2. Ralph incamp says:

    My name is Ralph Vincamp. I am interested in online marketing. ( I want to learn how to do business on the internet)
    Are the online classes offered by Big Bend that will help me get started?

    Thank you

  3. Jodi says:

    I wish to start online classes. If I take online classes can I still use the facilities at the college as I need them?
    Are the e classes offered on taped videos? I am a visual learner and sometimes would like to re watch the video. Thank You.

    • BBCC Administrator says:

      Posted on behalf of Zach Welhouse, eLearning Coordinator, Big Bend Community College:
      Online classes give you the same access to the campus as if you were taking face-to-face classes. Just be sure to visit the library (http://libguides.bigbend.edu/Home) to pick up your student ID card after your registration has been processed.

      The online classes are offered through the Canvas learning management system, which is a website you sign into with a username and a password. You can see some pictures of Canvas and read about how it’s used in this guide: https://www.bigbend.edu/wp-content/uploads/academics/programs/distance-education/BBCC-Canvas-Quickstart-Guide.pdf

      It’s up to the individual instructors whether their classes include online video recordings or not. Some instructors record lectures and share them with their students, while other instructors teach the course entirely through reading assignments and text-based conversations (e.g. online message boards). Many online classes also include online recordings from other sources, like YouTube (e.g. the Khan Academy recordings like https://www.khanacademy.org/science/chemistry). If there are specific instructors or programs that interest you, I’d be happy to point you in the direction of someone with more specific answers.

  4. Trey Worthen says:

    What agriculture degree courses are offered for online study?

    • BBCC Administrator says:

      Posted on behalf of Zach Welhouse, eLearning Coordinator, Big Bend Community College:

      We currently offer two fully online agriculture courses:

      AGR 241 Farm and Ranch Management (online)
      AGR 271 Agriculture Sales and Marketing (online)

      Many of the other courses are hybrid, which means they have a face-to-face component as well as strong online elements.

  5. Mirella Serrano Avelar says:

    Hi there my name is Mirella. I was wondering Is there a deadline for the online classes to be registered? I was wondering if i would be able to take prerequisites classes?

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