Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

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Criminal Justice

BUS 120 Human Relations on the Job (4 credits) Practical application oriented study of interpersonal skills and attitudes necessary to work with others. Topics included are: maintaining professionalism, adapting/coping with change and stress, work ethics, motivation, conflict resolution, team work, and customer relations. Prerequisite: Placement in ENGL 099 or higher (F, W, S) 

CMST 100 Human Communications (4 credits) This course will provide students with applied communication skills. Students will learn practical application of small group presentations, conflict resolution and increased confidence in personal communication skills. Exemplifying self-concept, perception, verbal and non-verbal attributes and attitudes experienced between family, friends, and employment relationships. 

CMST& 210 Interpersonal Communication (5 credits) Theory and skills relating to social, family, and work situations. Language usage, nonverbal communication, dealing with conflict, perception, and self-concept. 

CMST& 220 Public Speaking (5 credits) Provides an introduction to the fundamental process of speaking to the public. It is designed to help students develop skills in communication and to acquire an understanding of oral communication as a vital human relations factor in society. (F,W,S, Su) HU

CJ& 101 Intro Criminal Justice (5 credits) This course provides an overview of crime and the criminal justice system including the historical development of the system and a discussion of sociological theory. The course examines the extent and character of crime by examining current and past philosophies that our society uses to deal with crime and criminals. Emphasis is placed on how the various systems interrelate and interact to attain the goal of an orderly and non-discriminatory delivery of crime related public services. (F,W,S) SS

CJ& 110 Criminal Law (5 credits) This course is an introduction to the criminal law system of the United States. Issues covered include: the historical evolution of the law, applications of criminal law, legal concepts underlying the law and the procedures under which criminal law violators are processed. Prerequisite: Completion of CJ& 101 or Instructor Permission (W) SE

CJ 198 Special Topics (1-2 credits) This course provides individual study in one of the criminal justice subject areas.  Study and credit hours determined at the time of enrollment by the instructor.

CJ 210 Introduction to American Policing (5 credits) This course is designed to provide a general examination of the role of police in American society. Contemporary concepts, upon which the police function is based, are discussed from both historical and traditional perspectives. This course identifies certain issues within the police organization that either supports or inhibits the ability to accomplish the societal mission. Prerequisite: Completion of CJ&101 or Instructor Permission (S) SE

CJ 215 Criminal Investigations (5 credits) This course will review the role investigations play in the criminal justice system. Topics covered will include investigative theory, collection and preservation of evidence, sources of information, interview and interrogation, uses of forensic sciences, case and trial preparations. Investigation techniques will be practiced as part of the course. Prerequisite: Completion of CJ&101 or Instructor Permission (F) GE

CJ 217 — Advanced Report Writing (5 credits) This course presents advanced technical writing content specific to the criminal justice system. Students review standard grammar, punctuation and compositions skills. The content includes, but not limited to the following: complicated police reports where information may be obtained from investigations, interrogations and collisions and involves a variety of forms and narratives related to law enforcement. The student is also exposed to Automated Field Reporting (AFR) – the use of “in car” computers to electronically complete and submit reports. (SCC)

CJ 220 Introduction to Corrections (5 credits) Examination of the historical context, philosophical concepts and major developments that have shaped corrections in the United States. Various sentencing options, correctional approaches and programs, the role of corrections in the larger criminal justice system and contemporary correctional issues are examined. Prerequisite: CJ& 101 or Instructor Permission SE

CJ 209 Police Psychology (5 credits) The concepts of personal physical training development are explored in this course. Students work at an individualized pace building their fitness required by Washington State Law Enforcement Standards. Students are required to be enrolled in law enforcement physical training during each quarter of attendance. Prerequisite: Students must have medical insurance and a doctor’s release if needed; fitness assessment required.

CJ 203 Leadership and Administration (5 credits) Not sure yet what we want this to be. Students are introduced to principles, concepts and theories relating to police organization and administration within line and staff functions in the uniform and investigative units.

ENGL& 101 English Composition I (5 credits) This composition course provides instruction in academic written communication by having students compose formal essays, with the goal of teaching students to communicate effectively and engage with issues and ideas. Prerequisite: Placement exam or passing grade in English 99 (F,W,S,SU)

ENGL& 235 — Technical Writing (5 credits) Students learn to communicate information about a particular art, science, trade or profession. The course emphasizes such skills as clarity, objectivity, audience analysis and adherence to format. Students use subjects within their intended majors or career fields to write business correspondence, memoranda, resumes, mechanism descriptions, progress reports and analytical research reports. Prerequisite: Minimum 2.0 in ENGL& 101 or permission of instructor.

FAD 150 Industrial First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Plus Bloodborne Pathogens (2 credits) An industrial first aid course and bloodborne pathogen course designed to meet the Department of Labor and Industry, OSHA and WISHA requirements. Intended for supervisory personnel, employees, pre-nursing, pre-emergency medical technicians, and those interested in having first aid and C.P.R. training. This course is recognized in the U.S. and several foreign countries by federal and state agencies and company employers. (F,W, S, Su)

HSEM 157 Public Information Officer (2 credits) The course is designed to train participants for coordinating and disseminating information released during emergency operations and for assisting in the scheduling and coordination of news conferences and similar media events. After completing this course the student will have met the sections required for Public Information Officer as outlined by NFPA 1035 (F, W, S)

MATH& 107 Math in Society (5 credits) This course will introduce the non-math/science major to mathematical applications in a variety of disciplines. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement in Math 098. (F,W,S) SQR MS

MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics (5 credits) An introduction to descriptive statistics, probability and its applications, statistical inference and hypothesis testing, predictive statistics, and linear regression. Prerequisite: Math 093 with a score of 65% or better on the final exam, Math 098, Math 099, or placement (F,W,S,SU) SQR MS

PEH xxx Criminal Justice Physical Training (1credit) The concepts of personal physical training development are explored in this course. Students work at an individualized pace building their fitness required by Washington State Law Enforcement Standards. Prerequisite: Students must have medical insurance and a doctor’s release if needed; fitness assessment required. (NOT SCHEDULED)

PEH xxx Mixed Martial Arts (1 credit) A comprehensive introductory course with diversified subject matter including physical fitness, self-defense and focus on mental and physical awareness. (NOT SCHEDULED)

PHIL 210 Ethics for Criminal Justice (5credit) Issues of attitudes, professional responsibility, ethics of professional relationships and personal appearances are incorporated in this seminar format. Interaction with offenders and professionals in the field is included. (SCC) HU

PSYC& 100 General Psychology (5 credits) A broad survey course designed to study human behavior with reference to biology, learning, motivation, emotion, perception, intelligence, human development, mental processes, personality, abnormal behavior, and research. Strongly recommend placement in MATH 095/96 or higher and placement in ENGL 099 or higher (F,W,S) SS

PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology (5 credits) This course examines the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth and development that occurs throughout the human life-span. Prerequisite: Completion of PSYC& 100 (F,S) SS

PSYC 225 Psychology and the Legal System (5 credits) As the study of human behavior, psychology must also include the study of law, which is a primary instrument used by society to control human behavior. Psychology and law is a vibrant area of research interest within the discipline of psychology. This course is a survey of the major topics represented in the field of psychology and law. This course focuses on how psychological research (across sub-disciplines such as clinical, social, cognitive, and community psychology) can contribute to a better understanding of issues related to law or legal process, how the legal system can be informed by the results of psychological research, and how psychological research can be more reactive to legal issues. Prerequisite/corequisite: PSYC& 100 or CJ& 101 SS

SOC& 201 Social Problems (5 credits) A sociological analysis of the major social problems facing both the United States and the world today. Among the topics analyzed are: Family and disorganization, social deviance, poverty, crime, over population, and environmental degradation. Strongly recommend placement in Math 095 or higher and placement in ENGL 099 or higher. SS

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