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Chemistry Success Stories

This page is dedicated to the CHEM students and faculty in honor of their academic excellence and personal successes.  We are proud of honorees for what they do in and out of the classroom as they get one step closer to their career goals and positively impact our community.  To nominate a classmate or share your story, contact a member of the chemistry faculty.  

Lindsay Groce with Award

Lindsay Groce

First on the list is our very own senior Chemistry instructor, Lindsay Groce, for earning The Outstanding Faculty Award for 2017.  Lindsay is a graduate of Central Washington University and holds two undergraduate degrees (B.A. Chemistry, B.A. Spanish) as well as a Master of Science in Chemistry.  

Aside to her academic and career achievements, she’s an entrepreneur that makes organic and environmentally-friendly products in her spare time.  

You can always find her in class, with an open door in her office and frequently in the STEM Center where she actively supports students outside the classroom.  

She is also rumored to have a very strong “meme game”.  


Chem Cat Meme: if you're going STEM, you're taking CHEM

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