Business Information Management

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Big Bend Community College Business Information Management

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The Business Information Management (BIM) program and certificates outlined are suggested courses of study for students interested in pursuing careers in a business office environment. Students successfully completing a two-year program will earn one of four AAS degrees. Students completing a certificate option will receive a certificate in as little as one quarter. Each of the BIM AAS degrees is transferable toward the online Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Administrative Management at Central Washington University.

Our classes prepare you for the world of work and apply to nearly every sector of the economy. All organizations need administrative professionals. Each program offers a job readiness component preparing you to write winning resumes, have successful interviews and job performance.

  • Electives provide students with flexibility while pursuing their degrees and the opportunity to focus study on interest or need. Electives include business management, law, accounting, hospitality, Spanish, and various office/financial management applications at both introductory and advanced levels.
  • Most courses are competency-based, variable credit classes. Please refer to the description portion of the catalog to determine if the course is competency-based, variable credit, or structured. Competency-based courses are designed to allow each student to work individually at his or her own pace to accomplish the required course objectives and balance the workload of daily life.
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