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Microbiology Go here for information on careers in microbiology, as well as applications of microbiology, and latest developments.

Biotech Website Go here for a resource of information on Biotech and various applications of biological technology, as well as the Biotech career guide to the future.

Search Engines — Biology and Medicine

RxList – Keyword Search This powerful utility allows you to search through all the Rx List monographs for brand or generic names, symptoms, side effects, or drug interactions, in just a few seconds.

MedWebPlus – Subjects Click on “medweb” to go to an index of all available subjects on which MedWebPlus has information, including diseases and conditions.

Yahoo! – Biology Go here for links to sites dealing with biology. Includes links to institutes, organizations, journals, available software, etc.

Yahoo! – Health Go here for links dealing with a wide array of health topics.

Yahoo! – Diseases and Conditions Go here for links covering over 6,800 different diseases and conditions.

Health Information A to Z Go here for links to disease and health topics found on the Center for Disease Control website.

General Biology References

Scientific American Current and back issues of this scientific magazine. In depth explorations of the latest theories and discoveries in science including interviews and journal articles.

Science Online Featuring current and back issues of Science — a global research magazine from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Biological Science Links Extensive links to sites dealing with Microbiology, Genetics, Taxonomy, Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Anatomy, Medicine, etc.

Virtual Library Access to major journals and a Publishers Index.

Discover Magazine Online version of Discover magazine with a wide array of information that includes biology and medicine.

Discovery Online Website for the Discovery Channel.

Yahoo! Science:Biology:Journals Access to major biological journals.

Cell Biology, BIOL& 211, 221

Enter Evolution Theory and history of evolution.

Biotech A website on the application of Biotech.

Cell Biology Links to general and specific Cell Biology sites including journals.

Microbiology, BIOL& 260

(See medical sites as well)

emedicine Infectious Disease Articles Great source for background information, pathophysiology, clinical history, differential diagnoses and workup, treatment, and medication for a myriad of infectious diseases.

The Big Picture Book of Virology Images of viruses — click on the photos to enlarge them!

Microbiology: An Introduction The website for our BIOL& 260 text as well as information about microbiology including careers, surveys, applications and links.

Hospital Infections Program From the Center for Disease Control, information on infections.

Bugs in the News! A fun site crammed with detailed information on microbes of all kinds.

The Vaccine Page Searchable or browseable database of vaccines and information pertaining to them.

Suite Everything you always wanted to know about microbiology but were afraid to ask…..

Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Go here for info on these as well as all prion diseases!

CELLS alive! Films and animations of cell processes such as antibody production, HIV reproduction, etc.

HIV/AIDS Information and Research

American Foundation for AIDS Research

The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource A 30,000 document library updated daily.

General Medical for Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology

Med Help International Dedicated to helping patients find the highest quality medical care available. Includes Consumer Health Information library and search engine, As well as Q&A Medical Access to physicians and health professionals.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis Search Mayo Clinic resources for diseases and drugs, access news articles on medical breakthroughs.

National Cancer Institute’s CancerNet Cancer Information A wide range of accurate, credible cancer information.

Tufts University Nutrition Navigator Could be the fastest, most reliable way to find nutrition information on the Web. A rating guide to other nutrition websites.

Quackwatch A guide to health fraud, quackery and intelligent decisions on health issues.

Anatomy & Physiology, BIOL& 241/242 (See medical sites as well)

Anatomy Arcade A site of games for practice and retention of anatomy information. Fun!

Get Body Smart A site of interactive tutorials and quizzes for A&P

Anatomy Drill and Practice Interactive quizzes for structures in all body systems

Health Information Topics From the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Seeley at al/Anatomy and Physiology The website for our BIOL& 241/242 text. Includes student resources and supplemental information.

RxList – Keyword Search A searchable database of monographs for brand names, generic names, symptoms, side effects or drug interactions.

Atlas of the Body from the American Medical Association

Virtual Hospital — Normal Radiologic Anatomy: X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound

From Loyola University Medical Center: A detailed area is presented for each of these areas. Test yourself on each bony landmark, nerve, artery, etc. by clicking on a structure and referencing the answer.

The Bone Box

Master Muscle List

Learn Your Arteries

Learn Your Nerves

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