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Big Bend Community College Aviation Commerical Pilot Training Program Flight School

John Gillespie

John P. Gillespie

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Joined BBCC in 1995

Phone: (509)793-2246
Send email to johng@bigbend.edu

B.A. Gonzaga University; A.A.S., A.A. & S. Big Bend Community College;

FAA Certificates including: Commercial Pilot, Single-Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane; Flight Instructor Single, Multiengine and Instrument, Gold Seal Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor; Advanced and Instrument

John Swedburg II

John Marc Swedburg II

Chief Pilot

Joined BBCC in 2010

Phone: (509)793-2247
Send email to johnms@bigbend.edu

B.S. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; A.A.S. Big Bend Community College;

FAA Certificates including: Airline Transport Pilot Single-Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land, LR-JET, LR-60 Type Ratings, Flight Instructor Single-Engine, Multi-Engine and Instrument.

Pete Hammer

Pete Hammer

Joined BBCC in 1976

Phone: (509)793-2421
Send email to peteh@bigbend.edu

A.A.S., Big Bend Community College;

FAA Certificate including: Commercial Pilot , Single and Multi-Engine, Land and Sea, Rotocraft-Helicopter;

Ground Instructor, Advanced and Instrument;
Mechanic A&P;
FAA Pilot Examiner.

Former BBCC Chief Pilot

Our Knowledgeable Support Staff

Tina Bessett

Tina Bessett

Big Bend Community College, Mechanic Lead

Joined BBCC October 2010.

Phone #: 509-793-2044
E-mail tinab@bigbend.edu
Office: 3100

A&P and IA certifications

Graduated from BBCC Aviation Mechanic Program
Dec. 1999


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