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Big Bend Community College Aviation Commerical Pilot Training Program Flight School

Looking for more information about Big Bend’s Flight program? Well you have come to the right place. Students enrolled in Big Bend Community College’s Commercial Pilot program take the pilot’s seat during the first week of classes. The pace doesn’t slow as students progress through the structured two year program that prepares them for a career as a professional pilot.

The BBCC aviation students work toward a college degree and commercial/instrument pilot certificates at the same time. Most students take more than 6 quarters to complete the training, so summer classes are scheduled each year. Additional ratings for flight instructor, instrument flight instructor, multi engine and seaplane may be earned.

Most training is done with Beechcraft Sport, Beechcraft Sundowner, Piper Warrior III with the Avidyne Glass Cockpit and Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft. The BBCC fleet also includes a Belanca Citabria, a Cessna 180 and twin-engine Beechcraft Travelair. We also have 3 Frasca Simulators to enhance instrument training.

BBCC flight facilities are located adjacent to the Grant County International Airport, one of the largest commercial airports west of the Mississippi. With an incredible 350 VFR days per year, the airport is ideally suited for flight training. There are four runways and 13 instrument approaches. There is unobstructed airspace nearby for training maneuvers, but enough airport traffic to give students the experience of flying in a high density environment. The BBCC’s flight facilities are located near the taxiways, aircraft maintenance and storage hangers, fuel and washing areas, and classrooms. The flight line is within walking distance of campus residence halls, cafeteria and other College departments.

Students must meet the appropriate admission requirements stated in the department’s professional pilot course handbook. Students must provide a copy of the FAA class II student pilot medical certificate and transcripts. The $200.00 deposit is required.

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Big Bend Community College Aviation Program Prospective Student Packet

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