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Welcome to Our Document Library! You will find all kinds of resources here, including commonly used forms and data sheets. You will also find several books published by the FAA.

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Advisory Circulars

Sorted by number AC 90-66A 08/26/1993 Recommended Standards Traffic Patterns for Aeronautical Operations at Airports without Operating Control Towers Operating Control towers
AC 90-67B
08/25/1994 Light Signals from the Control Tower for Ground Vehicles, Equipment, and Personnel
AC 91-6A
05/24/1978 Water, Slush, and Snow on the Runway
AC 91-13C
07/24/1979 Cold Weather Operation of Aircrafttrol Towers
AC 91-42D 03/03/1983 Hazards of Rotating Propeller and Helicopter Rotor Blades
AC 91-46 02/04/1977 Gyroscopic Instruments – Good Operating Practices
AC 91-48
06/29/1977 Acrobatics-Precision Flying with a Purpose
AC 91-51A 07/19/1996 Effect of Icing on Aircraft Control and Airplane Deice and Anti-Ice Systems
AC 91-69A 11/19/1999 Seaplane Safety for FAR Part 91 Operators
AC 91-74A 12/31/2007 Pilot Guide: Flight in Icing Conditions
AC 97-1A 09/28/1977 Runway Visual Range (RVR)

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