Aviation Maintenance Technology Associate in Science Degree

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The Aviation Maintenance Technology program at BBCC is designed to prepare students for FAA airframe and power plant maintenance certification and for employment in aviation maintenance careers.  Courses offer quality training to serious and motivated students through a structured competency-based curriculum provided by industry experienced instructors.  Instruction includes the basics of maintenance, servicing, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, and overhaul of aircraft airframes, power plants, and their related systems and components associated with general and commercial aviation in the proper environment in which students may become professional aviation maintenance technicians.

International students must take degree requirement academic courses during their first quairter of enrollment at BBCC.  The international student advisor will place new students in the appropriate classes.

Hours of instruction required by FAA regulation, FAR part 147, Par. 147.21 (b), will be at least:

  1. Airframe-1150 hours (400 general plus 750 airframe)
  2. Powerplant- 1150 hours (400 general plus 750 power plant)
  3. Combined Airframe and Powerplant- 1900 hours (400 general hours plus 750 hours airframe and 750 hours power plant)

Students are required to furnish their own hand tools and purchase their own texts; esimated cost of tools and books is between $1,500 to $2,500.

Note:  All aviation courses are subject to change as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.  BBCC courses and programs are suggested curricula to meet the current FAA rules and regulations.

Related instruction required for an Associate in Science Degree and Certificate of Achievement

Course Description Credits
BUS 120 Human Relations on the Job** 4
CMST 100 Human Communications** 4
ENGL 109 Applied Technical Writing** 3
FAD 150 Industrial First Aid** 2
MAP 100 Applied Mathematics Aviation Maintenance Technology**+ 2

**Related instruction requirement for AAS degree and Certificate of Achievement
#These related instruction courses required for the AAS degree are in addition to the FAA curricula

Course Description Credits
AMT 148 AMT General Electricity+ 2-7
AMT 149 AMT Airframe Electricity+ 3
AMT 150 AMT General+ 4-16
AMT 151 Airframe Mechanics I+ 4-21
AMT 152 Airframe Mechanics II+ 4-21
AMT 153 Airframe Mechanics III+~ 4-21
AMT 249 AMT Airframe Electricity+ 2
AMT 251 Powerplant MechanicsI+ 4-16
AMT 252 Powerplant MechanicsII+ 4-14
AMT 253 Powerplant MechanicsIII+ 4-16
AMT 254 Powereplant Mechanics IV+~ 4-16
WLD 103 Beginnig AMT Welding+ 3

**Related instruction requirement for AAS degree and Certificate of Achievement
+Approved by FAA
~Required only if student need more time to achieve FAA required proficiency levels.

Email: Dan Moore
Powerplant Instructor
Phone:  509-793-2254

Email: Erik Borg
Airframe Instructor
Phone:  509-793-2253

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  1. Francisco Quintana-Razo says:

    My name is Francisco J Quintana-Razo and i am interested in getting my airframes and Powerplant license. I was an aviation electronics technician for the presidential helicopters for 3 years for the US Marine Corps. Please let met know what I would have to do in order to get my A & P license. I can be reached at(509) 431-4684

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