Aviation Maintenance Technology

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BBCC has a long and rich history of providing a solid foundation to students seeking aviation-related education and training. The Aviation Maintenance Technology program at BBCC is designed to prepare students for FAA airframe and power plant maintenance certification and for employment in aviation maintenance careers. Courses offer quality training to serious and motivated students through structured competency-based curriculum provided by industry experienced instructors. Instruction includes the basics of maintenance, servicing, inspection, repair, overhaul of aircraft airframes, power plants and their related systems and components associated with general and commercial aviation.

The Aviation Maintenance Technology program is a two year program in which upon completion the student will have earned a minimum 400 hours of classroom and laboratory training in the AMT general section, 750 hours in airframe and 750 hours in power plant. The class schedule is Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 4:00pm for full time students, part time hours may vary.

Big Bend’s AMT instructors have extensive knowledgeable backgrounds and come from various careers in the aviation field. Their education and experience in positions such as FAA mechanics examiner, FAA inspection authorization and commercial airline maintenance have provided them with the skills to train you to be the best there is. All instruction is provided in a large, newly remodeled hangar that is filled with several aircraft and a variety of engine types including turbines and jets.

The BBCC Aviation Maintenance Technology program is approved by the Washington State Aeronautics Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration. Upon successful completion of the AMT program students will be eligible to complete the FAA written tests for certified aviation maintenance technician and then sit for the oral and practical tests, all which may be completed here at Big Bend Community College.

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