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Big Bend Community Collge Art

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Art is a human expression.  In the art department, the studio method of learning emphasizes the development of individual creativity and technical competence.  The department’s objective is the achievement of a sense of involvement, integrity, and creativity by the student.

The department provides basic disciplines in the arts for art majors, other students, and citizens of the community.  In developing each individual’s talent and interests, equal emphasis is on mastery and the appreciation of all art forms.  The curriculum probes aspects of visual communication, which focus the eye, mind, and hand in the technical and creative awareness the student needs to adequately prepare for his/her major area of study and for transfer to four-year college or university.

A variety of art courses are offered for the student and the community.  The art student may select from such fields as art history, two and three-dimensional design, drawing, painting or ceramic art.


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