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Big Bend Community College Accounting

Big Bend provides students interested in Business, Accounting and/or Finance the skills and proficiencies needed to enter the workforce or transfer to a university.  Aside to our degrees options, we also offer short-term certificates ranging from a single quarter up to an academic year (based on full-time enrollment).  

Business – Associate of Arts & Science
Direct Transfer Agreement Major Related Program (AA&S DTA MRP) Degree

This degree is intended for students intending to transfer to a university that interested in business-related majors.  The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) represents a state agreement that earns BBCC graduates basic junior standing according to Basic Breadth Requirements at most public and private universities in Washington.  This translates to having completed all minimum general education requirements, which all students must complete (as from their major) in order to earn a bachelor’s degree.  The Major Related Program (MRP) designation implies that students will also earn junior standing in their major because the transfer degree outlines the necessary prerequisite courses to certify into select business majors.  Please work with your advisor ensure you meet all university and specific business major prerequisites. 

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Accounting Technician – Associate of Applied Science Degree (non-transfer)

The Accounting Technician program is designed to develop the proficiencies and skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment in bookkeeping and accounting career paths.  Jobs are available in corporate offices, industrial plants, mortgage and commercial banks, investment firms, insurance offices, real estate offices, retailing operations, and in general, any small business.

To learn more about this degree, please click on the advising map button below

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