How To Register for Classes

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Registration Guide

The first time you registered for classes was during New Student Registration with the help of BBCC Faculty and Staff. Now that you’re a current student you will need to do a little more of the work yourself. The first thing you need to know is that you normally register for the next quarter about six weeks in advance. That means that around mid-terms you will have the opportunity to register for classes for the upcoming quarter. Before you can do that there are a couple things you need to do:

You will NEED TO

  1. Know your Registration Access Time
    • This is the earliest time you can register for classes
    • This NOT an appointment with your advisor
    • Your time is based on the number of credits you’ve earned
    • The more credits you have, the sooner you register
  2. Know your registration PIN
    • If you have earned LESS than 30 credits you must meet with your advisor
      • Your advisor will provide you with a quarterly registration PIN
    • If you have earned 30 or MORE credits your registration PIN is your Global PIN
      • This is typically your birthday (MMDDYY) unless you have changed it
  3. Schedule an advising appointment at least 1-2 weeks in advance of your Registration Access Time with your Academic or Program Advisor (instructor, TRIO, counselor, etc.)
    • Your quarterly registration PIN is an assigned six-digit number
    • You will need the quarterly registration PIN to register online

Having trouble with your PIN?  Contact Registration at 509.793.2061

Know HOW to register…

There are a number of ways to register on or after your Registration Access Time and we have included some helpful tools and videos below to help you through the registration process.

  1. Register from any computer or smart device using the Student Kiosk, which are explained in the next section
  2. Use one of many computer stations in the Student Success Center, Library or the STEM Center or
  3. Schedule an appointment with your advisor.

Once you have met with your advisor to pre-select your classes you are ready to register. Below are instructions and videos that demonstrate how to register for classes.  You can use both methods by navigating to the Student Kiosk.

ADVISING TIP: Try them both. Although method 1 is faster, method 2 contains information about classes such as pre-requisites, class fees, special arrangements, location and other important information.

  1. Using the Class Schedule Planner allows you to pick classes from a list, see all your selections at once, select your classes and register
    • Instructions for Registering by Course
    • Here is a helpful video on using the above method VIDEO
    • Reminder regarding your PIN
      • If you have earned LESS than 30 credits you PIN is assigned to by your advisor
      • If you have earned 30 credits or MORE you PIN is your Global PIN 
        • This is typically your birthday (MMDDYY) unless you have changed it
  2. You may also use a the Searchable Class Schedule, which allows you to search by department, time, distribution and provides you detailed class information.
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