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Spring 2020 Accelerated English Class Info

2517 ENGL 098   and 2529 ENGL 099 meet M-Th 8am-8:50am. These are accelerated English 109 sections designed for students who need to accomplish ENGL 109 Applied Technical Writing in their programs. Permission is required so that we don’t have students enrolling who do not need ENGL 109. Generally, the instructor in a student’s program will enroll the student in these sections.

2526 ENGL 098, 2527 ENGL 098, 2537 ENGL 099, and 2538 ENGL 099 meet 5:20p-6:25pm either T-Th as a hybrid or M-Th 100% face to face. These are accelerated ENGL & 101 sections that have an ARRANGED required support section. This is not online ARRANGED. Please let students know that their support instruction times will be determined the first day of class depending on what works for them.     

2578 ENGL 198   Special Projects in English is a variable 1-3 credit independent study opportunity for students who are interested in working with the BBCC Student Writing Contest in some capacity. Students would meet with me to design their independent study plan.

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