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The Counseling Center offers personal, confidential, professional assistance to students.  It is open to all BBCC students in all programs.  The student may meet with the counselor of his or her choice.

Counselors use a “whole person” approach in their work.  Students often find that certain personal issues need to be addressed in order to take full advantage of all the college has to offer.  Counselors help students explore options and teach them to make better decisions to further their education.   Some student needs are better served by other professionals off-campus–the counselors assist students with referrals.

MariAnne Zavala-Lopez, Heidi  Gephart and Jaime Garza comprise our counseling faculty.  They can give you educational and career guidance to help you enroll at BBCC and choose the program that is right for you.  They can also be seen by the students as the need arises.

International, or foreign, students have particular needs; the Counseling Center offers specialized advising for international students.  We have an International Students page online.

Appointments are preferred, although counselors are generally available to walk-in visitors.  To see a counselor, call 509.793.2035 or come to the Counseling Center, located with Financial Aid in Building 1400.

Student advisors are assigned at admission and assist students in developing an appropriate program of study and in selecting specific courses each quarter.

If you are seeking special support or tutoring, contact the Student Support Services Program.

Education Plans

Associate in Arts and Science (AA&S) DTA Education Plan Form (2010-2011)

Associate in Business DTA Education Plan Form (2010-2011)

Associate in General Studies (AGS) DTA Education Plan Form (2010-2011)

Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA Education Plan Form (2010-2011)

If you have any questions regarding your education plan please contact the Counseling/Advising Office.

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