Institutional Research and Planning

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Welcome to the website for Big Bend Community College’s Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) Department. This website is designed to provide data and information to the college, surrounding community and our greater service area (Washington State Service District No. 18).

 2015-16 Academic Year Data

2015-16 Academic Year Data Total BBCC Student Headcount: 3,990 2,000 Full-Time Equivalent Students 3,990 Headcount Student Intent (2015-2016) 23% Developmental 45% Academic 29% Workforce 2% Unclear Intent Ethnicity 2% Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 42% Hispanic 1% African American 1% Alaskan Native, Native American or American Indian 50% White or Caucasian 3% Two or more races Female/Male Ratio 52% Female 48% Male Median Age 22 Financial Aid 60% Students receiving need-based financial aid (2015-2016) District Population* 112,513 Residents *2015 US Census Bureau Quick Facts

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Institutional Research and Planning’s goal is to support the mission of Big Bend Community College through timely research and reporting.

  • To provide accurate information.
  • To support the college community with data to support planning and decision-making at the institutional, program, and class levels.
  • To actively assist all areas of assessment at the college.
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