Drawn into ‘Charlotte’s Web’

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Charlottes WebAs Charlotte breathed her last breath during Saturday night’s performance of “Charlotte’s Web” at the Wallenstien Theater there was a collective hush and heaviness that came over the crowd. The kind of engagement and immersion into a story that only comes when a production is done well and with passion. Theatreworks USA did just that on Saturday as they brought the classic tale of that terrific, radiant and humble little pig to the big stage.

The show was sponsored by the Columbia Basin Allied Arts Association and was the last production of the 2016-17 Green Turtle Series, which are productions that are designed to cater to younger audiences at local schools, as well as at the Wallenstien Theater.

The production was presented by the New York City-based Theatreworks USA, which tours the country doing theatre for younger audiences. Theatreworks has seen several stars come and go throughout the years, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson, one of the stars on the popular TV show “Modern Family,” and at any given time will be presenting several different plays across the country.

Saturday night’s production of “Charlotte’s Web” presented quite the undertaking for the cast of five. With several different characters and numerous costumes changes, the actors had their work cut out for them to even put on the story that most are accustomed to.

“I think this group of actors are a terrific bunch. I have a cast of five, playing – I will politely say – more than five characters,” remarked Rafi Levavy, stage manager for the show. “So with the exception of the person who plays Wilbur, everybody plays more than one character. And so there is a lot of very fast changes backstage.”

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