Meet & Contact the TRIO SSS Staff

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Valencia, Custodio - headshot

Custodio Valencia, TRIO-Student Support Services Director

Custodio Valencia, M. Ed., holds a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Washington State University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Washington University. Custodio is an alumnus of BBCC, as well as a successful former participant of the TRIO-Student Support Services and Upward Bound Programs. His areas of expertise include: Program development, management, and professional mentoring.

 Brischle, Cheryl - headshot

Cheryl Brischle, TRIO-Student Support Services Program Assistant

Cheryl Brischle, AAS, AA&S, is also an alumnus of BBCC, holding an Associate of Applied Science in BIM and Associate of Arts and Science DTA.  Her areas of expertise include: textbook and laptop loan, assisting students with scholarships and financial aid information, and monitoring the TRIO-SSS Lab.

 Hernandez, Carina -headshot

Carina Hernandez, TRIO-Student Support Services Academic Advisor

Carina Hernandez, BA, holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Washington State University. Carina is also a former participant in the TRIO-Student Support Services Program. Her areas of expertise include: academic advising, transfer support, financial aid and scholarship assistance.

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