Medical Simulation

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Medical Simulation Description

The Medical Simulation Associate in Applied Science – Transfer degree prepares students for entry level employment in simulation laboratories. These simulation laboratories are currently being used in nursing instruction, hospital and medical provider training, and emergency response teams. To meet the growing need for training simulation professionals, the Medical Simulation program will develop students who can implement simulation scenarios, conduct manikin programming, establish maintenance standards, develop interpersonal relationships, and promote community engagement. Upon completion of the Medical Simulation Associate in Applied Science –Transfer degree, students are prepared to take industry certification exams validating their skills.

Goals and Outcomes

Implement Simulation Scenarios – Display proactive behavior in developing, implementing, and troubleshooting simulation equipment, scenarios, and training sessions.

Conduct Manikin Programming – Establish the configuration and reliable operation of simulation manikins, servers, audio-video equipment, and programming software.

Establish Maintenance Standards – Address the functionality of simulation equipment while focusing on equipment management and error prevention.

Promote Community Engagement – Promote occupational health and safety within the community by providing customized simulation training opportunities.

Develop Interpersonal Relationships – Demonstrate effective decision-making, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills that match the level of responsibility needed in order to function as a member of a team of professionals

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