Industrial Systems Technology

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Big Bend Community College Industrial Systems Technology

The Industrial Systems Technology (IST) program provides a comprehensive two-year curriculum designed to prepare students for career opportunities in industrial electrical and industrial maintenance industries.

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Modern industrial plants require skilled technicians who maintain, calibrate, repair, troubleshoot, and actively seek new innovation.

Our mission within the Industrial Electrical Technology portion is prepare students for entry into the world of industrial electricity, along with a thorough understanding of electrical safety rules, and safe work practices.


The complex controls and machinery in today’s industries require multifaceted, trained technicians.  The modern maintenance environment is an intricate world of computers, networks, lasers, ultrasonics, electronics, fiber optics and high-speed machinery.

Industrial Systems Technology Program Outcomes

Industrial Systems Technology Program Outcomes for Students completing an Associate Degree

  1. Graduates of the program will be gainfully employed in a position related to Industrial Systems.
  2. Graduates of the program will be able to safely apply sound maintenance procedures to related industrial equipment.

Big Bend Industrial System Technology (IST) Video

To watch the Industrial Systems Technology (IST) Program Video with Audio Descriptions, click here.

Time for a Change? Enroll winter quarter in Industrial Systems Technology. We have pathways in Mechanical and Electrical Systems.

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