LESSON 11 Chapter 9 Prop Aircraft Applied Performance ANA Chapter 2 *Glider Fact Sheet Due*

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Flight Theory

Chapter 9

Prop Aircraft Applied Performance


We need to take a look at the relationship between power required and thrust required.

With an increase in weight there must be an increase in power required and a corresponding increase in velocity.

Since this is the case both the ______ and the ______ apply to the curve


The configuration concepts are pretty much the same as the jet performance section with the exception that instead of dealing with thrust required or really the drag curve it must be converted into power required.

The basic idea that the parasite drag increases and causes the power required curve to open up at the top.

Altitude Changes

In analyzing the power required curve as altitude is increased remember that the TAS goes up and as a result the power required must increase.

The L/Dmax tangent point stays the same for each curve its just that the velocity needs to be increased.

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